WFG Satellit


EURISY Workshop - Satellite Applications for the Alps - October 27, 2016 in Berchtesgaden


The Alps are home to 14 million people and receive 120 million people every year. It is the largest European economic and productive hub, as well as a major crossroads at the heart of Europe. Its nature and climate are strongly influenced by the variety of altitudes and the size of the mountains. While a haven for biodiversity, especially in car-free areas, the Alps are also very vulnerable to climate change.

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Gate Re-certification

GATE Rezertifizierung

The Galileo Test and Development Environment GATE in Berchtesagdener Land has been re-certificated. The compliance to the specification was recently verified by the company NavCert GmbH from Braunschweig, Germany.

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The joint Russian-Bavarian R&D project MATRIOSCHKA has the aim to implement a GPS/ GLONASS/ EGNOS based monitoring system for stationary and mobile measurements of harmful, gaseous substances based on the space technologies satellite navigation, satellite telecommunication, earth observation and application of nanotechnology.

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System Orange — Intelligent Hazardous Goods Monitoring



The system "Orange" consists of the OrangeBox, a telematics unit fixed to the hazardous goods can detect accidents, sends automatic alerts and provides information about the loaded hazardous goods.

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