$2.4M in Rare NFTs Sold in Sotheby’s Auction from 3AC Collection

• Sotheby’s recently held an auction for the rare NFTs owned by insolvent 3AC, garnering approx $2.4 Million.
• The collection of NFTs, known as Grails, was comprised of very rare digital artworks and generative works from Tyler Hobbs and Dmitri Cherniak.
• Fidenza #725 and Autoglyph #187 were among the most expensive pieces in the sale, valued at 184.4 ETH and 205.7 ETH respectively.

Rare NFT Collection Auctioned Off in Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s recently held an auction for a large collection of rare non-fungible tokens (NFTs) confiscated from defunct crypto hedge firm Three Arrows Capital (3AC). The extensive sale brought in approx $2.4 Million dollars worth of digital artworks and generative pieces from different artists such as Tyler Hobbs and Dmitri Cherniak. This collection was referred to as ‘Grails’ due to its unique rarity qualities that set it apart from other collections on the market today.

Most Valuable Artworks Sold

The most valuable artworks sold during this event included CryptoPunk #1326 and Autoglyph #187 which were both developed by Larva Labs. Other notable pieces included Fidenza #725 by Tyler Hobbs and Ringers #375 by Dmitri Cherniak, both of which had estimated values between $120,000 to $180,000 USD each. Fidenza #725 was assessed to be worth 184.4 ETH or over $335,000 while Autoglyph #187 was valued at 205.7 ETH or almost $373,800 .

Deep NFT Value Used To Assess Pieces

In order to determine these prices accurately, Sotheby’s utilized Deep NFT Value; a machine learning method designed to assess high-value NFTs based on prior transactions of digital assets as well as current market conditions specific to each piece in question.

More Assets From 3AC To Be Sold

The liquidator for 3AC has announced plans to sell additional assets in the near future with estimated values reaching into the millions again . As such there is sure to be plenty more opportunities for collectors looking to add rare pieces like those featured in this auction into their portfolios soon enough!


Overall it appears that this first installment of the Grails Collection has been a success with many new buyers entering the world of collecting these limited edition digital works! There is sure to be much more interesting auctions coming up soon so stay tuned!