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Successful investors have earned millions of euros, while inexperienced and new investors have lost a lot of money trading cryptocurrencies, especially in recent years. But thanks to technological masterpieces and the fact that trading bots make trading cryptocurrencies much easier, new and inexperienced investors now also have the opportunity to use clever trading strategies. The only problem: many investors don’t even know that these aids exist and that trading bots can take over trading. They rely on their own possibilities, which are unfortunately limited and then lead to hardly any money being earned with the trade or a lot of money being lost.

We have compiled all the important information about this trading bot in our Bitcoin Up test report and show you what you can achieve with it.


What is Bitcoin Up?

If you are looking for a good crypto trading bot, Bitcoin Up is definitely a good choice. The automated trading software works with an algorithm that looks for profitable trades around cryptocurrencies on behalf of the trader. Binary options and forex can also be traded with this trading software. However, we would like to focus mainly on cryptocurrencies here because that is the crucial part for us.

The automated software is designed in such a way that every single trade is automatically executed by investors with high accuracy and a great speed. Thus, this software proves to be very profitable and ensures that good profits can be made.

This automated fast and accurate work of the trading software is only possible because an advanced algorithm is used. This fast work means that many different trading opportunities can be identified and exploited „just in time“. There are no delays, so the price cannot change again. The software enters at the most favourable price and then sells when it is also most favourable for the investor.

It should also be taken into account that Bitcoin Up can not only be used on the browser, but that there is also an app. The investor can thus start trading from home, but also at any time while on the move. This is what makes this software so flexible and ensures that really anyone can trade cryptocurrencies at any time.

Features and functionality

Key figures

Who developed Bitcoin Up?

Edwin James is the one who led the team around the Bitcoin Up software as the developer. He himself is an experienced trader who has traded cryptocurrencies and binary options for many years and has also built his fortune with them. The provider’s website states that the development took place in order to give other investors the opportunity to trade profitably as well.

3 Steps

Opinions of users about Bitcoin Up

Many investors are surprised at how easy it is to use the software. They are amazed that profits can really be made right from the start. They are also thrilled about the work the software takes care of and that the investor really doesn’t have to do anything at the end. It is enough to click on the button to start the software. And one click is enough to deactivate the software again. This way you can not only earn a lot of money, but also save a lot of time and there are different possibilities for building up a passive income.

Advantages and disadvantages


– Fully automated trading
– all processes around trading are designed transparently
– the software can be used via the browser and as an app
– All market signals are available in real time
– Various payment methods such as credit card, bank transfer and various online payment providers are available.


– no independent broker can be selected, as Bitcoin Up works exclusively via the provider.

Our conclusion

During our test, we found that Bitcoin Up is very easy to use as a trading bot. All processes are comprehensible and clearly presented. It is therefore definitely possible to earn good money with this great tool.

How does Bitcoin Up compare to other trading bots?

Bitcoin Up is one of the trading bots that are quite legitimate and that perform significantly better than many other competitors. After our test, we can unreservedly recommend this provider.

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